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Connection and integration process

Information for education provider

What are the benefits of the network infrastructure?

  • Standard interface: For the registration of new users no own interface is needed. You can easily use the identity management of the network infrastructure.
  • Better accessibility: Central access minimises barriers to registration for users and extends the reach of your offers (single login/logout). 
  • Straightforward connection: A choice of three standard interfaces is available for the connection according to your needs. 
  • Timeliness: Users can administer and update their profile data centrally so you always have access to current information. 
  • Highest authentication security: You do not need your own authentication service. This is provided by us and meets the highest security standards.

Three interfaces are currently offered for the connection:

  • The digital identities component allows users to confirm and manage their digital identity across various educational services. We provide three technical components for this purpose

    • Identity management (IDM) for the registration, administration and erasure of the basic identity (basis ID). 
    • An authentication and authorisation infrastructure (AAI) to register with the basis ID or another linked identity. 
    • Single sign-on for central access to the offers of various learning providers.

    More informationen about the component Digital Identities

    Connection information 

    After the clarification of prerequisites, we provide you with further information and details for the successful connection to this component, such as an authentication link.

  • The Wallet app allows educators and learners to store personal data and share this with education providers in an encrypted form. This technical component is based on the Enmeshed open-source framework and comprises three elements:

    • The app is the cross-platform client for users. 
    • The backbone is the central communication component that transmits end-to-end encrypted messages between identities. 
    • The connector is the interface operated under the sovereignty of the learning provider. It provides access to storage, decrypts data and makes it usable in the provider’s system.

    More information about the component Wallet app

    Connection information

    Education providers can connect to the network infrastructure’s Wallet app quickly and easily without making changes to their own system. We provide the infrastructure required for sharing sensitive data. The Enmeshed requirements have to be met for a connection.

    Tutorial with an integration example for enmeshed 

  • The data space component as the central source for the metadata of all components forms the core of the network infrastructure. For example, future components such as the Buddy Finder or learning scout obtain information from the data room for the functioning of the matching algorithm. The data room also consists of three elements:

    • Data structures are linked with each other so that all information regarding course contents, institutions, certifications and possible learning paths is comparable. 
    • Editing tools allow education providers to manage the metadata. 
    • Connectors support processing of various data standards.  

    More informationen about the component Data Space

    Connection information 

    To connect to the data room, you as a learning provider merely have to share information about the data format and authentication details with us. We provide mechanisms for data transmission. You can also administer your data manually if desired.

Details of the participation process for education providers

What requirements have to be met to connect to “Mein Bildungsraum”? What is the participation process for providers? What criteria are reviewed?

Our Partner Management can answer these and other questions. The team supports you throughout the connection process. After an initial consultation, we review the prerequisites and possibilities for connecting to the network infrastructure. Afterwards we create an individual plan with you to prepare for the technical implementation. Since we are working closely with the functional areas of development and operations in the current beta phase, your insights are directly incorporated in the technical further development of the network infrastructure.

Once you are connected, you have the opportunity to provide comprehensive feedback and thereby actively contribute to further development. When additional interfaces can be considered for a connection, we gladly help develop these in cooperation with you. Join our community and actively participate in our communication activities. This makes a significant contribution to the future of digital learning!

Would you like to become a partner yourself or suggest potential partners? 

Then please get in touch with us: .