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Mein Bildungsraum

Verschiedene blau-weiße Texturen und Muster erzeugen eine visuell ansprechende Darstellung.

We present the technical components of the planned networking infrastructure

Our mission

With “Mein Bildungsraum”, we are creating a technical infrastructure to promote individual learning paths and to enable a seamless digital learning journey from primary school until old age.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use "Mein Bildungsraum"?

    All citizens benefit: Seamless digital learning journey, document verification and more.

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  • Who is developing the networking infrastructure?

    Find out how we respond flexibly to requirements and support smaller service providers.

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  • I am an education provider - can I connect my services to the networking infrastructure?

    Become our partner and help shape the digital education space! Contact us for details about the connection and test options.

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6 Articles

  • Frau tippt auf ein Handy. Smileys fliegen darüber herum.

    The beta version of "Mein Bildungsraum", the first minimally functional version of the network infrastructure, was released in October 2023. Since then, the first users have had the opportunity to test it. Based on the feedback from testers, we continue to develop our programme. We have already made a number of adjustments and implemented new technical functionalities.

  • A group of four people are looking at a tablet.

    The First National Conference for Further Education ("Erste Nationale Weiterbildungskonferenz"), the Digital Summit of the Federal Government ("Digital-Gipfel der Bundesregierung") and the launch of leando.de: visitors to these events in November 2023 were able to experience "Mein Bildungsraum" and test some of the functionalities of the beta test version. We will use their feedback to further develop the networking infrastructure in the coming months.

  • Around two and a half years after the start of the project, which was launched in 2021 under the name "Nationale Bildungsplattform", the project team is about to reach a major milestone: the first test phase of the beta version of "Mein Bildungsraum" is about to begin.

  • In addition to a new website design and a logo for the networking infrastructure, we have been busy preparing content for our interested readers on the topic of digital education over the past weeks and months.

  • [Translate to English:] Ein Kind sitzt an einem Tisch und hält stolz seine bunt bemalten Hände hoch. Auf dem Tisch liegen Malutensilien.

    OER stands for Open Educational Resources and has the potential to increase access to education and promote the diversity of educational content. "Mein Bildungsraum" is a key building block in the creation of a diverse digital ecosystem, as its infrastructure components enable low-threshold access to educational programmes.