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Participation and cooperation

The digital learning space as the enabler of shared learning

A multitude of educational services is essential for the digital learning space. “Mein Bildungsraum” as a digital network infrastructure is a collaborative project. Therefore, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is working with a large network of external experts in the development of the network infrastructure and the further design of the digital learning space throughout the course of the project.

Close contact is also maintained with other platform projects of the federal government, including the national online continuing education platform NOW! as well as school networking projects of the federal states (federal funds under the DigitalPakt Schule) and platform projects, for example, of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training.

Experts from all areas of education in professional groups are also examining the technical and organisational challenges in the development of a digital education network infrastructure.

Additional exchange formats:


A multitude of education providers is essential for the digital learning space. We therefore support the further development of select training and educational services and promote their technical connection to “Mein Bildungsraum”. 

During EduLunch, our digital lunch meeting, our funded projects present their interim technical and content results, share success stories and challenges, and discuss questions. The goal is the organisational networking of various training and educational services, promoting cooperation and identifying synergies. An informal, internal framework encourages feedback and suggestions between the projects – with all participants or in the course of an in-depth discussion in a smaller group. 

The EduLunch talks are held about every four weeks and consciously kept casual to encourage the mutual exchange of knowledge about project-specific results in a safe space. They provide a suitable framework for the funded projects to generate new ideas with low effort and little organisational preparation. 

Shop talks

We also organise topical shop talks to discuss potential contents, technical challenges and target-group-friendly solutions. Various stakeholders, technical experts and interest groups participate.

The term “shop” is symbolic here: Rather than physical tools, solutions are worked out collaboratively with ideas and interdisciplinary experience. The shop talks provide a space where people from different fields come together to develop innovative ideas and new approaches. 


We are continuously presenting the network infrastructure and its current state of development at educational events. Input and open discourse at the events are welcome.

Are you planning an event on this topic and want to have the network infrastructure presented there? Or would you like to recommend someone for our professional exchange? If so, please register with us at .