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First milestone reached

Test version of “Mein Bildungsraum” published

With “Mein Bildungsraum”, we are creating the technical conditions to promote individual educational pathways and enable a seamless digital learning journey from primary school to old age. Around two and a half years after the start of the project, which was launched in 2021 under the name “Nationale Bildungsplattform” (english National Education Platform), the project team is about to reach a major milestone: the first test phase of “Mein Bildungsraum” as a beta version.

Digitally networked education starts today: the functions of “Mein Bildungsraum”

Various development teams worked on the realisation of the basic technical components of “Mein Bildungsraum”. With the beta launch in October 2023, the first minimally functional version of the networking infrastructure is available, a minimum viable product (MVP) in the language of software development.

The MVP of “Mein Bildungsraum” includes the following functionalities: 

  • Identity & access management: Access to various connected education providers and organisation-independent storage of account information.
  • From transcripts to learning statuses to application data, the filing app provides a secure and institution-independent way to receive, store and share information. 
  • Verification and signature: Connected education providers can digitally verify and sign documents such as reports or certificates. 
  • Personal working environment: Access to various digital tools, such as the learning path finder for finding customised learning opportunities 
  • Linking information: Metadata is linked in order to provide users with customised learning opportunities, make learning progress comparable and identify learning providers.

Since 10 October 2023, the first test users have been able to put these functionalities to the test using various scenarios. The test users initially include people familiar with the project, network partners, funded research and development projects from the education sector and other stakeholders. The group of test users will be successively expanded over the course of the beta test.

Until mid-February 2024, “Mein Bildungsraum” will be continuously developed further, taking into account the feedback from the test users. Additional network partners will be connected in parallel in order to continuously expand the service and the circle of users. From spring 2024, everyone will be able to register with “Mein Bildungsraum” and use the service.

Further information

  • Questions about the beta phase of “Mein Bildungsraum” by e-mail to  
  • Further information on technical implementation 
  • Connection options for education providers
  • More detailed information on the technical components of “Mein Bildungsraum”